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Here at DigitalBeat we specialise in retention marketing and user experience management for online gaming brands. Our services will ensure that you have the competitive edge needed to thrive in this incredibly competitive market. We are experts at increasing player loyalty, managing and avoiding risks, and providing your customers with the best possible experience.

Risk Specialists & Security in Gamling & Fraud Avoidance

Gambling operators have to be aware of many risks and adhere to numerous regulations regarding risk management. We will ensure that you have the proper procedures in place to address risks such as money laundering, bonus abuse, credit card fraud, and more.

Customer Behavior

Analysing customer behaviour can lead to untold benefits for your operations. Through analysing your customers’ behaviour, our team can help avoid fraud, optimise your games, and improve marketing campaigns.

Gambling Facilities & Casinos

DigitalBeat can supply the expertise needed to get your gambling facility up and running, or improve the value of your existing operations. Whether it's casino, sports betting, bingo or poker our team has the experience and skills needed to ensure smooth operations and increased customer value.

Betting Experience:
Sports Betting Casino, Bingo & Poker

Offering players great games is no longer enough. You have to provide your customers with a premium experience from the moment that they arrive. Our team of UX experts will work with your to ensure that your customers have the best possible betting experience, no matter the vertical you operate in.

Business Intelligence,CRM Specialist & Customer Retention

At DigitalBeat, we make use of advanced analytics and business intelligence to improve your relationship with your customers. By identifying areas of strength and weakness, we can develop strategies that increase customer loyalty. From reactivating dormant customers to maximising engagement with newcomers, we have the strategies you need.

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