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Betting Experience: Sports Betting, Casino, Bingo & Poker

Delivering the Experience Your Customers Deserve

DigitalBeat has the expertise to ensure that your customers are having a premium experience, no matter the demographic or vertical.

Offering customers the best games, largest amount of betting markets, or most bingo rooms is no longer enough. Today, you have to ensure that your customers are given a premium experience from the moment they arrive, and at DigitalBeat, we can help you achieve just that.

Specialists in UX

At DigitalBeat, we have a dedicated team of top designers, developers, and marketing experts, who are experts in user-experience. We have a vast amount of experience working with online gambling operators. This means that we know how the business works and what drives players. As such, we are able to provide all of the services you need to ensure that you are offering an unparalleled betting experience.
The DigitalBeat UX designers will work directly with our developers to create the best digital experiences, whether they are for desktop, mobile, or any other channel. We design solutions based upon our customer’s needs and business goals. This way, we are able to increase your customer engagement, leading to better data collection, business performance, and of course, value.

Understanding Your Players

Within each main gambling vertical, there are many different types of players. Whether you are targeting the social bingo player or the statistics-driven sports bettor, we can ensure that you are providing them with an experience that will make them return time and time again.
Our team of professionals has in-depth industry knowledge and years of experience. They understand exactly what attracts each type of player and what makes each type of player come back for more. This means that when you come to us you will benefit from audience and data research that is used to create an experience roadmap designed for your target demographic. We use analytics to continually monitor the success of our strategies, keeping your customers’ betting experiences fresh, dynamic, and engaging. 

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