What Business Intelligence Can Reveal About Customer Habits

Business Intelligence

Many experts have claimed that traditional marketing components have experienced exponential growth with the current market situation. In line with that, many small and large business owners are looking for better tools they can use to understand their customer’s behavior better. As such, different online channels, including e-commerce, mobile marketing, and social media, are also […]

Underappreciated Aspects of User Experience that Everyone Should Know

User Experience

User Experience, or UX, is one of the most important factors when managing a website. As the phrase suggests, it covers everything that will affect a user’s experience, including the design, user interaction, customer support, and the overall value of the website. As such, it is evident that a lot of time and effort is […]

The Role of Analytics in Customer Retention

Role of analytics

Analytics is everywhere. Big data and other data-driven strategies have taken over the business world. Customer retention is no exception, and this post will review why and how analytics can help companies retain clients. Customer Retention: What & Why Customer retention refers to strategies and actions businesses take to boost customer loyalty and keep new […]

Proven Techniques to Combat Fraud at Online Gambling Sites

online gambling sites

Fraud and Online Gambling Unfortunately, for as long as gambling has existed, there have been fraudsters looking to exploit the industry. This problem has only grown since the rise of online gambling and it has significant repercussions for the industry. Fraud cannot only lead to operators running into trouble with regulators, but also, higher cases […]

CRM Techniques That You May Not Have Thought Of

crm techniques

Most people think of CRM (customer relationship management) as a set of tools or software that you use to manage your customer relationships. While this is certainly one way to do things, it is by no means the only way. In fact, there are many different CRM techniques that you can use, most of which […]